Views on how consumer technology will change in the near future.

Change in technology is not new. Every couple of years, we see something new in technology that improves on something already cherished. Every couple of decades or so, we see technology changing as a whole. Those of you who know about the Koomey’s or Moore’s Law and Intel’s Tic and Tock know what I’m talking about. In the five years since, I have had the pleasure to use many mobile operating systems, command Google Glass to take pictures for me, instruct Leap Motion (à la Minority Report), look like an idiot enjoying a VR Headset, fly/crash a Quadcopter (I own one, still cant figure out how to fly that thing), track my health with a fitness tracker, or read Malcolm Gladwell on an E book Reader.

Just because technology is there, doesn’t mean it is for everyone (Big Data); doesn’t mean it has matured (VR); and definitely doesn’t mean that it is always useful (Smart Appliances/Bad IoT3D TV’s). As a person with lackluster memory (a consumer), I thank my Smartphone for remembering the phone number of my 20th best friend so that I can grant him a customary birthday greeting once a year. Even though I consider myself satisfactorily techie, a smartphone and a laptop is all I need to continue with my work and personal other worldly pleasures. For me, no tablet can provide me the convenience of calling, SMS, messaging, and casual Facebook/YouTube surfing in a pocket-sized device that my smartphone can. No smartwatch or fitness tracker currently in market can replace my no-fuss Seiko watch that is ready to show date and time and bear the optimum weight on my wrist for years at stretch, without a recharge.

In the last five years of my gadget self discovery, I’ve experienced many patterns that I think, will hold true in the future. What will my gadget future look like? If you are anything like me, chances are it will be the same for you too.

Previce — Primary Device. 

While enjoying the morning sun, I savor the perfect Chai and read headlines that will get me ready for the day. My job requires me to be updated on the current trends in technology and I don’t like being distracted with news and articles throughout the day. My Previce, now resized to a comfortable 10″ size for reading, knows that. It carefully curates, prioritizes, and summarizes just the right amount of news I’d read in the leisure time I have before I begin my fitness regime. My Previce is perfect. It knows all my preferences and makes sure I get the right user experience from the world around me.

I begin my fitness regime with some yoga exercises. Previce selects the type of exercises I do based on my latest body vitals and coaches me through the training while all along tracking my vitals. In its 5″ form, tied to my armband, it can track all the vitals it needs. In the last month, it has recommended yoga, strength training, and endurance training based on my vitals and health goals set by my physician. Previce is clever. It also communicates with the Previce of my doctor, spouse, co-workers, and friends and keeps us all connected.

Now ready to leave for the office, my Previce communicates with my car and sends my destination in advance. I must clarify its not my car, it is an autonomous service to which I have subscribed. The car automatically comes in front of my house just before I am ready to leave for the office. It drives me to the office while I read emails from work. After dropping me off, it goes to pick up another person who has subscribed to the service.

My inbox, crazier than ever, is easier to manage. Previce has changed it for the better. It automatically segregates the spam, fills forms, accepts meeting requests, marks emails as read, and manages my calendar to make sure I only read the emails meant for me. By communicating with all my co-worker’s Previces and the different services, it books conference rooms and can also make restaurant reservations on my behalf.

Previce is a powerful device now that it is connected to my 24″ display glass with motion sensing, video, and J.A.R.V.I.S (à la Iron Man) like AI audio inputs commands. On my desk, where I work on anything from casual internet research, and creating presentations to photo editing, and video creation — it can wirelessly utilize parallel computing to provide me the computing power I need, on-demand. Everything is in the cloud so I can take my work with me wherever necessary.

As I wrap up my workday before I meet my family for the dinner reservation that my Previce suggested, I wonder how easy, efficient, simple and yet somewhat eerie my life is with Previce at the helm.

Can Previce Be Real?

For all intents and purposes, Previce is real. Technology existing in 2016 allows us to create such a device. As previously stated, great consumer technology is not necessary a result of an invention but innovation in piecing the right inventions together and providing it with a lucrative businesses model. Previce is an imagination of a personal gadget that is less about technology and more about utility, user experience, and coherent technology solutions that work well together. If brought to reality, it would do a more than I can imagine or write. If I were to play an oracle, in the next five years, the smartphone will evolve to become a Previce-like device. As different industries evolve with technology, apps and smartphones will create an ecosystem capable enough to create the future I imagine for myself.